1. You know

    that feeling you get when you see someone for the first time in a long time. It’s just great to see that they’re still around 

  2. muuurrrr


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  3. I’m starting my 1st day of summer 

    what about you?

  4. i’m gonna miss this place. 
see ya next year!

    i’m gonna miss this place. 

    see ya next year!

  5. So if you didn’t already know, I live in a house called the Loveshack with some of my favorite people in the world. One of the many things that makes this house special is that their is a creek (kind of like dawson’s) running through our backyard. 

    This morning, like most mornings, I woke up to the sun streaming down on me. I’ve complained all quarter about not having curtains on my windows, and so when this typically happens, I reiterate that complaint to myself, hiss at the sun, and throw my sheets over my face. However, for some (extremely quaint) reason I woke up quite chipper this morning and noticed for the first time what a beautiful view I have outside of my bedroom window. 

    I think this applies to some other things. If your mind is always in the swamps of the negative things, things you wish you had/didn’t have, it often makes it difficult to see the beautiful things in your life. I’m convinced life is all about perspective. You can create your own happiness. 


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